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"I enjoy kicking bad guy butt for a living. Besides, i know byakuya, he’s a chill guy. Not like that toshiro punk." He said. "I may be a half hollow, but i can be a good guy. Just give me a chance. You saw how quick i took down those hollows."

"Ya can be a good guy," Shinji repeated blankly. "…Ya know, s’not like I refuse ‘ta believe ya and all, but s’gonna take more than ‘I can be a good guy,’ ‘ta convince the higher ups ‘ta let ya into Soul Society, let alone Seireitei. The old farts of Central 46 are extremely paranoid when it comes ‘ta Hollow-anythin’, FYI.” 

“‘Course, I ain’t sayin’ that it’s completely impossible for ya ‘ta be accepted - I can sense that yer pretty powerful, after all - but yer gonna have ‘ta put yer money where yer mouth is and show ‘em how useful ya can be for them ‘ta even consider that possibility.”


"And is that supposed to mean something to me?"


"You can find your way out if you made it in on your own."


"Ya think I’d still be here if I can find my way out? How come yer labs are built like a labyrinth, anyway? I s’pose I won’t mind tourin’ this place then, if that’s how ya want it."

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"I want to work for the seireitei as the first half hollow. Sensei already taught me kido." Acid said. "Could i try?"

Shinji eyed the half hollow in muted disbelief. “…Are ya serious?” he asked incredulously. “Ya do know that ya may have been human once, but yer also hollow now, and trust me, that makes all the difference when it comes ‘ta Soul Society,” the Gobantai Taichou pointed out. He would know, being a Vizard and all.

It wasn’t as if he was deliberately trying to rain on the other being’s parade, but this was really an unexpected request. 

"…’Sides, why do ya even wanna work for Seireitei, anyway?"


Well now, it’s been quite the journey for not only Asuna but myself included as we close in on the 500 follower mark. I still stop and question why so many have chosen to follow this crazy blog. It’s no secret that I have had my ups and downs here with both this muse as well as my previous OC. More so than I care to remember. But to be honest, if it weren’t for those really shitty times, I would have never come to meet so many wonderful individuals that know today. If it weren’t for EVERYTHING and Yes… EVERYONE, I would not have grown and devolved Asuna through the wonderful moments as well as the pain and suffering that I have to create such a wonderful original character that is continuously welcomed into the lives of so many. It is because of the countless support by so many that I continue to write and I thank you for that.

In the words of Oscar Wilde~ “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”



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Personal thanks to these exquisite people… If it hadn’t been for you wonderful souls I would have left Tumblr a long time ago~! You are my friends and family here and thank you for putting me in line when needed and for loving me even through all of my flaws. You are the HOPE that I hold on to.

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This is dedicated to those that I have interacted with as well as those that I watch and admire from a far. All that inspire me and push me to put one foot in front of the other when my feet drag the ground. To those that I have written with… Thank you for your patience and your friendship. And especially those wonderful people who have stuck by me through the good times and the bad, the long skype talks about nothing and the cray-cray venting. Thank you Kota and Hidehiro. As with all these things, please don’t feel less important if you have not been listed, I adore all of my followers and think the world of your writing I’m just a lazy arse that can’t remember everyone at the moment.


She and I still carry the scars on our hearts from a past that is left still in shambles.. yet from even the worst destruction comes rebirth.




"My labs are like the Soul King’s palace,
                people like you are not allowed within.
                Hmmm….That was a rather horrible example, but hopefully you get my point, yes?
                 If not, speak up.”


“‘People like me?’ …Last I recall, I’m pretty sure we’re of the same rank, Kurotsuchi Taichou. And s’not like I wanna be in yer creepy labs, either. If ya show me the way out, I’d be glad ‘ta take my leave.”

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They wanna see you do good, but never better than them. Remember that.

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"If you are gonna fret on me losin’ my marbles, don’t." Acid let go of his resurreccion form as a smith and wesson model 500 revolver appeared in his hand. “I probably have the best grip on reality for someone who has to take hit after hit after hit. Sensei helped me to learn how to meditate, so unless i am pissed, i am as harmless as a stuffed bear.” He sighed. “I do need something to occupy my time…”

Shinji shot the half hollow a deadpan stare. “Ya know, if ya want somethin’ ‘ta do or occupy yer time with, Hueco Mundo’s not exactly the most happenin’ place ‘ta be.” Glancing back at where he had left his group, the blond was unsurprised to see that they had already safely returned to Seireitei. Turning back to look at Acid steadily, he continued. “Alright - I guess I won’t mind keepin’ ya company for a bit. What do ya wanna do?”