Come on, send us one~


Sexual M!A

Flesh: Muse is horny and wants to have rough sex(ex.being thrown against a wall and bitten)(Anon chooses time)

S & M: Muse wants to have S & M sex (Anon decides if Muse is S or M and with who)

Ten Long Years of Yearning : Muse wants something (anon specified) from another and becomes extremely manipulative to get it

Hurricane: Muse is a patriotic prostitute! (Anon decides duration)

Bare: Muse is nude for (anon chooses how long) is not able to cover self, with anything.

Dirty mind: Muse will have inappropriate thoughts for (Anon decides duration)

The Internet Is For Porn: You dirty little minx~ Suddenly, muse is fueled by a burning desire to consume any and all pornographic material they can find.

I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today: Sexy and you know it! Muse wears as little clothing as they can get away with, and boy are they having fun.

Meat Eater: Some people might find this disturbing but others might find this very kinky. For the next (anons specifies) you and (anon specifies who) have the immense urge to playfully bite each other. (Other person must agree for this to happen)

Broke: Muse needs cash right away and will do anything for money

Sweet and Delectable: For the next (anon specifies) (anon specifies who) wants to taste you (NOT in a zombie-way you wierdo!) and lick you all over. The more they do the more aroused the both of you get! (Other person must agree for this to happen)

Fancy Red: For the next (anon specifies) you are full of lust whenever you see the color red. The longer you look at the color and the more often you see it-the stronger the feeling grows.

Bad: Muse becomes a “bad boy/girl” for (Anon decides duration)

Pretty Please: My Character must grant favours of anyone who asks. So long as they say please. (Anon decides duration)

Leather Panties and Stockings: Muse is forced to dress up in a very sexual manner for a specified amount of time, becoming extremely horny as a result.

Bang! Bang! : Muse is into gunplay and gets aroused every time they see/hear/come across a firearm. (Anon decides duration)

Blind Date: Anon gets to be a match maker. It must be someone Muse hasn’t spoken with before.

Exhibitionism: The muse will want to have sex in very public places for  (Anon decides duration)

Bloodplay: The muse will have an unhealthy obsession with being hurt and caused to bleed. They will beg to be hurt and go into a perpetual state of arousal at the mere sight of blood. The only way to break the spell is through having a very, very rough session of sex.

Under Pressure: Muse is under severe stress for (Anon decides duration), or until they are sexually relieved

Use Me: You have to abide to anyone that says your name, followed by a command. Lasts for (Anon decides duration)

Dream: Muse will have a wet Dream about the next muse on their Dash

Break you hard: Muse sex drive is through the roof and keep throwing themselves at everyone.

Touch: Everyone you touch is under your command and at your disposal for the next (Anon decides duration). Use it well.

Dick in a Box: Character has the unknown desire to flash everyone their lower extremities for (Anon decides duration).

Command: Muse has to take commands by the next _______ people in their ask (Anon specifies)

I Touch Myself: Muse will have the urge to masturbate every time they see _____ (Anon specifies)

Right Here, Right Now: Muse is so horny they have no time to waste. They want you right there and then, no matter where you are.

Have a ball: For the next (x) hours, your muse is ballgagged and cannot talk

Horndog: Your muse gets irrepressably horny every time someone says their name for the next (x) hours

Doctor’s Orders: Your muse has a medical fetish and is turned on by doctors, nurses, etc for the next (x) hours

When in Rome: Your muse desperately wants to have a huge orgy. (Anon decides how many people, and the conditions for release from the M!A)

Dominus: Your muse becomes incredibly dominant/sadistic for the next (x) hours (Anon decides towards what character)

Lace, Leather, and Latex: For the next (x) hours, your muse wears nothing but fetish gear.

Frustration: The muse has a desperate need for relief for (anon decides) but no matter what they do it just won’t come without a little help from a friend. A person friend, not a plastic friend.

Like A Virgin: Muse has never had sex and while reluctant at first is curious and soon gets turned on so much they’d do anything.

It is sexual sunday after all~ Or should we say ‘sinday’? Anyway, send us a M!A. Let’s have fun.

List of M!As you can always send me:
[not my list though..i just wanted it to be in a chat]
Temptation: For the next 3 days, the Muse will be haunted by a hooded figure tempting them with everything they ever wanted if the Muse just signs a contract. If the Muse give in, they will be a dark/evil version of themselves for a week. (If the Muse is already evil, they will just go insane)
Tired: For 24 hours, the Muse will feel exhausted. But the Muse knows that if they go to sleep, the people the Muse cares about will feel excruciating pain.
Jack the Ripper: Muse has been attacked by something that obviously has no sense of mercy. They are beaten, bloody, and left for dead someplace abandoned. Lasts until someone comes to the rescue… Or finishes the job.
The Sickness: Muse has become extremely ill, to the point of becoming extremely helpless. Uncontrollable vomiting, inability to stay upright, rapid blackouts, coughing, and… Is that blood? Oh dear… (Lasts for two days.)
Silver and Cold: The world just isn’t the same, is it? It’s so cruel and grey, there just isn’t any point anymore… Muse is now suicidal for six hours.
Sick as a Dog: Muse is ill for 24 hours (Anon specifies symptoms).
Darkness: Muse is blind for 24 hours.
Silence: Muse is deaf for 24 hours.
17 Again: Muse is in his/her 17 year old form.
Shaking Hands: Muse is suddenly freezing cold and can’t stop shivering for (Anon specifies time).
Spirit Animal: Muse is turned into an animal (Anon decides what) for 12 hours.
Flesh: Muse is horny and wants to have rough sex(ex.being thrown against a wall and bitten)(Anon chooses time)
Truth potion: Muse has to tell the truth about anything asked for an hour.
Lean On Me: With the help of ___ (anon’s choice) your muse will get through something that scared them (the anon can specify or leave it up to the mun) for 3 hours.
Thunder: It’s raining outside and your muse is stuck inside with ___ (anon’s choice) and when the power goes out they cuddle to keep warm.
Ariel: Oh no, your muse has lost it’s voice! But they have to tell ___ (anon’s choice) how they feel! If your muse gets a kiss from the chosen person within 2 days they get their voice back, if not well you’ve seen the movie.
Fear: Anon gets to name something, and muse will have an extremely debilitating phobia of it for one week. Bonus points if it’s something ridiculous.
Memories: Muse has amnesia. (Anon decides duration)
Stay: Muse becomes extremely sick and may end up in the hospital for (anon decides illness and how long)
Injury: Muse will be injured somehow (anon decides severity and injury) for ____
Fear: Muse will be terrified by something or someone (anon specifies who) for ___
Gemini: Muse will split into two different versions of themself for ___
Basket: Muse finds a baby in a basket and has to take care of it for ___
Host: Muse will be a Gentleman/Lady for 34 Hours
Age: Muse will be a Kid for 10 Hours
Feels: Muse will be obsessed with an event or something that will cause them to express related emotions (Anon decides)
Noise: Muse will say everything they think, lasts for a day
Command: Muse has to take commands by the next _______ people in their ask (Anon specifies)
Reverse: Muse’s personality will be extremely opposite for (Anon decides)
Confess: Muse has to confess something they think of or feel toward anyone they speak to each time they speak to them for the next 5 hours
Kiss: Muse wants to kiss everyone in their inbox for the next hour
Stalk: Muse thinks they are being stalked for (Anon decides)
Thin Ice: Muse strays onto thin ice and falls through unless saved. (Mun chooses whether they live or die)
High Tide: Muse is trapped in a cave with water that will fill it in 4 hours.


Available for All:

Body alteration

  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Character older
  • Character younger
  • Genderbending
  • Size alteration
  • Plastic surgery (changing face, boobs, anything)

Mind alteration

  • Insanity
  • Amnesia
  • Thinking they’re a child/other gender/other age/someone else/…
  • Force to tell truths/lies

Mind and body alteration

  • Aging/de-aging body and mind


  • Vampire
  • Werewolf
  • Ghoul
  • Alien
  • Animal
  • Witch
  • Mummy

Available for 18+:

Sexual alteration

  • Change orientation
  • Make horny
  • Create attraction (I.E. with next person in ask box)
  • Change relationship status/feelings/…
  • Make attractive/repulsive/to appeal to a certain demographic
  • Sex slave to next person in ask box
  • Married to the next person in ask box
  • Unrequited love towards the next person in ask box

Other (lists collected over time through tumblr): 

List of Sexual/Love M!As
  • Spice: Muse is sexually attracted to every blond haired Person (Anon decides how long)
  • Name: Muse will orgasm everytime they hear their name/Nickname sort of thing (Anon decides time)
  • Magnet: Muse will have a forbidden Love with (Anon decides Character, other Mun must agree) for 2 Days.
  • Butterfly: Muse will be sexual attracted to People with Butterfly Tattoos for 3 Days.
  • Sakura: Muse will act all shy around (Anon decides) for 10 Hours
  • Ehehe: Muse will be extremly horny for 24 Hours
  • Game: Muse will Strip whenever someone leaves a “Lost the Round” in their Ask, lasts 4 Hours.
  • Hurt: Muse will be tied up and half naked to the next Person in their Ask, they own them for (Anon decides)
  • Loli: Muse will have a thing for younger People for 6 Hours
  • Dream: Muse will have a wet Dream about the next Person on their Dash.
  • Boxers: Muse will run around in Underwear for (Anon decides)
  • Class: Muse will think that he/her is a High-Class Stipper for 10 Hours
  • Hooker: Muse will think he/her is a Hooker for (Anon decides)
  • Aniimo: Muse will flirt with their Family Members - unaware that they are family for 20 Hours
  • Heat: Muse will always feel Hot and take off their Clothes for (Anon decides)
  • Fantasy: Muse will have dirty thoughts about every person that speaks to them, lasts for 2 hours

The sex-themed Magic Anon list (All NSFW!)

  • Sex Pollen: That tickle in the muse’s nose? It’s not hayfever, it’s a pervy plant, and for the next (Anon decides) the muse is going to want to shag everything that moves. Especially if it moves in front of them.
  • Marathon: For reasons best left up to the cosmos, the muse has the uncontrollable urge to indulge in some ‘me time’ every half hour no matter where they are or what they’re doing for (anon decides). (Try not to get arrested!)
  • Sensitivity: All of the muse is their new erogenous zone, and clothing does not. help this. for the next (anon decides)
  • A sudden um…: For the next (anon decides) muse will suffer an impromptu orgasm every time (anon decides-breathing does not count) happens. It may be multiple things and it may utilize any sense, including time (IE every half hour)
  • The urge: Whether or not they were aware of it before, the muse now has a mating season and it’s open. For the next (anon decides) the muse will be driven crazy with the need to go forth and make babies or shag themselves exhausted trying.
  • A gift: Muse is tied up in a chair or a compromising position with a list of instructions detailing others to do (anon decides) sexual act(s) to them. Anyone who comes across them will be compelled to act out these instructions for (anon decides)
  • Irresistible: There’s just something about the muse today, and for (anon decides)…but no one they come across will be able to control themselves. No matter who they are or how they feel, they’ll be compelled to try to get some personal time with the muse. And it’s not for an interview.
  • It’s not the Midas touch: If the muse touches someone for the next (anon decides) that person will have a sudden (terribly timed) orgasm. Oops?
  • Owned: Either the muse owns another, or is owned by someone else for (anon decides) but they’ll both be compelled to take certain sexy advantage of that for as long as it lasts.
  • Absolute Obedience: Anything anyone asks the muse must do for (anon decides) but one catch - it must be sexual in nature. Oh…wait, no there’s two catches. Every time they issue a command they lose more control of themselves and can’t help asking more next time. Absolute power corrupts.
  • Four minutes: The world will end immediately if the muse doesn’t shag whoever they see for the next (anon decides). And that would just be terrible, wouldn’t it?
  • Impaired judgment: Booze, drugs, sex, they all blend together. The muse has had a bit too much of something and thinks everyone around them is prime sex estate for the next (anon decides). They’re not compelled to or any good at picking people up, they just think everyone’s really hot, you guys.
  • Sleeping Beauty: There’s only one way to wake the muse from their slumber (other than waiting for anon decides) and it’s not a kiss.
  • Frustration: The muse has a desperate need for relief for (anon decides) but no matter what they do it just won’t come without a little help from a friend. A person friend, not a plastic friend.
  • Candid Camera: The muse and someone else have been trapped in a room with cameras an ordered to perform..FOR SCIENCE. Anon could decide who, or it could be anyone who encounters them for (anon decides).

Rise Of The Guardians Themed M!A List

  • Jack/Jackson Frost: Muse is now invisible to everyone. Can convince people to see them by saying Muse’s name. (lasts 4 hours)
  • Emma/Emma Overland: Muse feels like they have just lost someone important and becomes depressed. (Lasts 2 days)
  • Pitch Black/Boogey Man: Muse now feels misunderstood and wants to destroy everyone’s hopes, dreams and wishes. (Greyface decides how long)
  • North/Santa Clause: Muse can now predict things by having a gut feeling, and has smartass comebacks about it. Believes that the gut is never wrong, and can never be wrong. (Greyface decides how long)
  • Bunnymund/The Easter Bunny: Muse now has a short temper, gets aggravated at stupid and little things easily. (Greyface decides how long)
  • Toothiana/The Tooth Faerie: Muse becomes lovestruck (Greyface decides who) and acts all giddy and shy around them. (Lasts 3 days)
  • Sandy/The Sandman: Muse can no longer speak, but must use charades as their way of speaking. Uses that through sand figures above head. (Greyface decides how long)
  • Jamie/Jamie Bennett: Muse becomes 12 years old, and loves ‘myths, fairy tales, fables ect.’ and doubts his feelings about believing. (Greyface decides how long)
  • Sophie/Sophie Bennett: Muse becomes 5 years old, ditzy and clumsy. Likes to get into trouble and likes adventuring. (Lasts 2 days)
magic!anon commands
  • Love: Muse will be in Love with (Anon decides) for 2 Days
  • Cough: Muse will be ill for 4 Hours
  • Remember: Muse will suffer Memory Loss for 2 Days
  • Gas: Muse will have hallucinogenic imaginary sights for one day.
  • Beer: Muse will talk like a Drunk and hit on everybody, lasts 2 Hours
  • Exorcism: A demon will possess my muse for 3 hours
  • Feels: Muse will be obsessed with an event or something that will cause them to express related emotions (Anon decides) for 2 hours
  • Phobia: Muse is terribly afraid of something or someone (Anon specifies) for 3 hours
  • Lurk: Muse will follow ______(Anon can specify who or what) for 4 hours
  • Answer: Muse will have to answer anything that is asked of him/her truthfully, lasts 4 hours
  • Silence: Muse cannot speak, lasts for an hour
  • Noise: Muse will say everything they think, lasts for a day
  • Boxers: Muse will run around in Underwear for (Anon decides)
  • Sick: Muse will be sick with a unique flu for (Anon decides. Anon may also specify flu symptoms, they can even be really odd, different from Cough curse.)
  • Project: Muse will become obsessed with completing a project (Anon specifies) for 2 hours
  • Command: Muse has to take commands by the next _______ people in their ask (Anon specifies) for 5 hours
  • Obsession: Muse will be obsessed with ______ (Anon specifies) for the next 7 hours.
  • Reverse: Muse’s personality will be extremely opposite for (Anon decides)
  • Character: Muse thinks they are (Anon specifies another character) for 5 hours
  • Switch: Muse has to switch gender for (Anon decides how long)
  • Power: Muse gains _______ (Anon specifies) as a power for 3 hours
  • Confess: Muse has to confess something they think of or feel toward anyone they speak to each time they speak to them for the next 5 hours
  • Slave: Muse becomes a maid or butler to _______ (Anon decides) for 4 hours
  • Gone: Muse loses _____ (Mun decides something or someone important) for 6 hours
  • Kiss: Muse wants to kiss everyone in their inbox for the next hour
  • Egg: Muse finds a large egg and does not know what to do with it for 3 hours
  • Klutz: Muse becomes extremely klutzy for 10 hours
  • Split: Muse splits into two versions of themselves for 2 hours
  • Stalk: Muse thinks they are being stalked for (Anon decides)
  • Nightmare: Muse is plagued with horrific images and scenes both in sleeping and in waking for a day
  • Paranoia: Muse becomes extremely paranoid about (Anon specifies what and for how long)
  • Infatuation: Muse becomes /madly/ in love with the next person they see on their dashboard for 1 day
  • Baby: Muse finds a baby at their doorstep and has to take care of it for (Anon decides)
  • Combustion: Muse has the ability to spontaneously combust without getting hurt for 2 hours
  • Hallucination: Muse sees things for (Anon decides)
  • Alarm: Muse keeps hearing an alarm go off but cannot figure out where for the next 3 hours
  • NSFW: Muse is naked and any clothes they try to put on or objects to cover up turn invisible for (Anon decides)
  • AU: Muse is stuck in an Alternate Universe with little recollection of their own universe for 3 hours
  • Name: Muse gets an orgasm every time they hear their name or any manner of nickname for (Anon decides
Song M!As
  • Angel With A Shotgun: Muse is an angel and believes he/she must fight for the person they love (Anon chooses time and person)
  • Bad: Muse becomes a “bad boy/girl” for 4 hours
  • Flesh: Muse is horny and wants to have rough sex(ex.being thrown against a wall and bitten)(Anon chooses time)
  • Heart Vacancy: Muse can’t love for 5 hours
  • Love Me Love Me: Muse wants to be told ‘I love you’ from everyone and kisses all who do. (Anon decides time)
  • Made of Stone: Muse has no emotions for 8 hours
  • S&M: Muse wants to have S&M sex (Anon decides if Muse is S or M and with who)
  • Whipped Cream: Muse wants everything with whipped cream on it for 3 hours
  • The Best Damn Thing: Muse thinks they are God’s Gift to the world for 7 hours
  • I Wanna: Muse wants to touch everybody for 5 hours
  • Nice Guys Finish Last: Muse becomes a proper lady/gentleman
  • Hot Mess: Muse looks all ruffled up and sexy for a day
  • One of the Boys: Muse is genderbent
  • Take It Off: Muse takes off an article of clothing every time their name is said.(Anon decides how long)
  • Animal I Have Become: Muse becomes an animal (Anon’s choice)
  • Wish We Were Older: Muse is a child for 8 hours
  • Tell Me What To Do: Muse is a slave to Anon’s choice
  • Word I Couldn’t Say: Muse is mute for a 4 hours
  • I’m Gonna Getcha Good: Muse pursues Anon’s choice till they are theirs
  • Hero: Muse thinks they are a superhero (Anon decides time)
  • Just a Game: Muse believes everything is a game/competition for 5 hours
  • Lady Marmalade: Muse tries to seduce everyone for 8 hours
  • In Another Life: Muse has no memory of current life (Anon decides time)
Hetalia Micronations magic!anon list - Anon decides time length
Hutt River: Muse will start acting like royalty.
Kugelmugel: Muse becomes more artistic and eccentric.
Ladonia: Muse has the power to surf the internet -literally- by jumping into computer screens.
Molossia: Muse's personality switches at the drop of a hat; nice and gentle one minute, hating everyone the next.
Sealand: Muse acts in a more child-like manner, and does everything with enthusiasm.
Seborga: Muse is now more passive about things, apart from the opposite sex.
Wy: Muse becomes more mature, and will find themself with an oversized paintbrush.
Flower And Tree Language Prompts:


Acorn: What would your character do if they lived forever?

Azalea: Who does your character wish would take better care of themselves?

Bay leaf: What gives your character strength?

Briony: What’s one time your character has helped a friend?

Cattail: Is your character at peace with themself? Why or why not?

Cyclamen: Who is someone your character has had to say good-bye to?

Daffodil: Has your character ever had unrequited love for someone? Have they ever loved someone but held it in for any reason?

Daisy: Four things that make your character happy.

Edelweiss: Describe a time your character has had to be brave.

Eglantine: Has your character ever had a wound or pain that didn’t heal?

Fern: Does your character have any magical abilities?

Foxglove: Has your character ever lied about something?

Geranium: What’s one mistake your character remembers making?

Gladiolus: What’s one time your character has stuck to their morals and convictions?

Honeysuckle: Who does your character love like family?

Heather: Who is someone your character wants to protect?

Ivy: Has your character ever thought about getting married? Would they like it?

Iris: If your character could send one person a message, who and what would it be?

Jonquil: Has your character ever confessed their love for someone? How did it go?

Jasmine: Whats one thing your character wants?

Kennedia: One thing your character admires in someone.

Kalanchoe: Is your character well-liked by their friends?

Laurel: If your character could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

Love-lies-bleeding: Has your character ever done something even though they didn’t want to?

Marigold: Describe a time or reason your character felt jealousy.

Moonflower: What’s one dream your character has had?

Nightshade: What is a painful truth your character has had to face?

Nettle: What’s one person your character hates/dislikes and why?

Oak leaves: Describe a victory your character is proud of.

Oleander: What’s one thing your character should beware of?

Pine: What is something your character wishes they could move on from?

Poppy: What is something your character wants to forget?

Queen Anne’s Lace: If your character could pretend one thing, what would it be?

Quince: One temptation your character has had.

Rosemary: What is something your character will always remember?

Pink Roses: Who is someone your character has wanted to make happy?

Red Roses: Who is someone your character has truly loved?

White/Red Rose: Who is someone your character has found themselves cooperating with when they didn’t expect it?

Sage: What is one thing they have learnt?

Snowdrop: Describe a time they felt hope.

Tulip: Has your character ever been in romantic love with someone? Are they still?

Thistle: What’s one time your character has been angry and harsh with someone?

Utricularia: Five things your character likes.

Umbrella sage: Where does your character consider home?

Purple Violet: Are there any topics your character dodges?

White Violet: When’s the last time your character told the truth about something?

Wallflower: What’s one time your character has endured underdifficult circumstances?

Water-lily: What’s one quote from your character?

Xeranthum: If your character died right now but could have one wish for the world come true, what would it be?

Xanthoriza: What’s something your character has run away from?

Yew: What makes your character sad?

Yarrow: What would your character go to war over?

Zinnia: Does your character ever miss their friends?

Pink Zinnia: Who will your character always be friends with?

Send me “♥♥” and I’ll generate a number to see what you get.


  1. A dirty secret
  2. Raising a baby together for three days
  3. A one night stand
  4. A goodbye letter
  5. A love letter
  6. A confession
  7. Slave for a day
  8. A slap in the face
  9. A romantic kiss
  10. A hug
  11. A rejection
  12. My muse naked
  13. A friendly kiss on the cheek
  14. Married for a week
  15. All your money stolen
  16. An insult
  17. A steamy kiss
  18. Some sad news
  19. A date
  20. A night together
  21. Any of the above



The Fool: Tell an embarrassing story.
The Magician: Do you have a special talent?
The High Priestess: Are you good at keeping secrets?
The Empress: What do you desire most?
The Emperor: Do you have any family traditions?
The Hierophant: What is/was your favourite school subject?
The Lovers: What qualities would your ideal partner have?
The Chariot: Have you ever had to fight for something?
Strength: What gives you strength?
The Hermit: Could you cope with living alone?
Wheel of Fortune: If you won a million pounds, what would you do with it?
Justice: If you could be a super hero (or villain) what would you call yourself and what powers would you have?
The Hanged Man: Would you sacrifice your own life to save someone else’s?
Death: If you were able to reincarnate, what would your next life be?
Temperance: Do you have good self control?
The Devil: What do you think your worst quality is?
The Tower: Describe your dream home.
The Star: What inspires you?
The Moon: Describe a dream (or nightmare) you’ve had recently.
The Sun: Describe a childhood memory.
Judgement: Have you ever done something that you were really ashamed of?
The World: What country would you most like to visit?



1. The meaning behind my URL
2. A picture of me
3. Why I love my bestfriend
4. Last time I cried and why
5. Piercings I have
6. Favorite Band
7. Biggest turn off(s)
8. Top 5 (insert subject)
9. Tattoos I want
10. Biggest turn on(s)
11. Age
12. Ideas of a perfect date
13. Life goal(s)
14. Piercings I want
15. Relationship status
16. Favorite movie
17. A fact about my life
18. Phobia
19. Middle name
20. Anything you want to ask

(Source: c768cea--ing)

Off the Wall Oddball Questions
1. What general nicknames do you use for people?
2. What Middle Earth race would you be? (If you are from Middle Earth, what other race would you be?)
3. Do you check your phone obsessively, or do you hide from it?
4. What color is your bedroom?
5. What foreign language would you like to learn?
6. If you were in a Donner Party situation, would you commit cannibalism or starve?
7. What book do you have nearest your bed? If there's a stack, pick the top one.
8. When was the last time you talked to your best friend?
9. What is your favorite musical?
10. Would you rather have to shoot a man who killed in self-defense, or let a serial killer go free?
11. What bird do you identify with?
12. Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros?
13. Are you superstitious?
14. What is your lucky number?
15. Would you rather have a poem or a movie poster on your wall? Any in particular?
16. How much would someone have to pay you to pet a python? (this is not an innuendo unless you want it to be)
17. Do you sleep in total darkness, or do you need a light on?
18. Do you own a dream catcher?
19. What Team Fortress 2 character would you be? (If you are a TF2 character, then who else would you be?)
20. Describe your favorite article of clothing.
21. Name a place you would never ever want to go.
22. If you could pick another name, what would it be?
23. Do you play video games? If so, which console do you prefer?
24. What makes you cringe?
25. Tell a pun.
26. Which useless power would you choose: to never need to sneeze again, to be able to whistle ridiculously loudly, or to glow when you spin or roll really fast?
27. Do you prefer to towel off or air dry?
28. List three candies you like.
29. What do you do when you're bored at a restaurant?
30. Can you fold origami?
31. About how many hours a day are you on the internet?
32. If given the opportunity, would you become a cyborg?
33. Do you add "in bed" to the end of your fortune cookies?
34. What drink do your prefer after a hard day?
35. A loved one is in danger. Would you rather sacrifice an arm or a leg to save them?
36. Where would you want to live: the city, the beach, a lake, the mountains, a desert, a jungle, or space?
37. If you had a space ship, what would you name it?
38. Recommend a book.
39. Would you rather have proof of what killed the dinosaurs, or get to see the deepest parts of the ocean that man has yet to explore?
40. Do you snore or talk in your sleep?
41. What do you think of when you hear ringing bells?
42. Tommy has sixty five bottles of Mountain Dew. He drinks ten in a row, causing him to view the world in a range of color never before seen by man. While he's tripping, Julia slips three of his bottles in her designer purse, his brother Randy steals six more to sell for temporary tattoos, and a worm hole opens up inside Tommy's fridge, allowing inter-dimensional beings to take four more of his Mountain Dew bottles. What is the meaning of life?
redbean ice cream: ideal partner
greenbean Popsicle: something im jealous of
mochi ice cream: what i look for in a friend
banana popsicles: 1 memory i have of you
mango ice cream: a ship
strawberri froyo: top 3 insecurites
mint choco froyo: 3 things im proud of
cookies and cream froyo: 3 things you can do to make me automatically like you
vanilla: how i found your blog
orange ice cream: something ive always wanted to tell you
green tea ice cream: a blog that reminds me of yours
jasmine tea: an unpopular opinion that i have
orange tea: a secret that i've kept
oolong tea: my first love
strawberry tea: favourite outfit
milk tea: current fashion obsession
bubble tea: fashion pet peeve
strawberry iced tea: your best feature